🔃DEX Trading Platform - GOKUswap

$KAKAROT roadmap is launching of our very own decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, Gokuswap. Gokuswap will serve as a trading hub for the $KAKAROT community, where users can easily trade $KAKAROT for other cryptocurrencies and tokens. As the primary coin of the Gokuswap platform, $KAKAROT will be a key player in all transactions.

In addition to basic trading features, Gokuswap will offer a variety of advanced tools to enhance the trading experience. Our Launchpad feature will allow new projects to launch their tokens directly on Gokuswap, providing a secure and efficient way to launch and trade new tokens.

We will also implement BotAI trading to provide users with automated trading solutions, as well as wallet integration to make it easy for users to store and manage their $KAKAROT and other cryptocurrencies.

Overall, Gokuswap will provide a robust and reliable trading platform for the $KAKAROT community, with a range of features designed to enhance the trading experience and promote accessibility for all.

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